Become a Certified Specialist - The California Estate Planning Credential

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Become a Certified Specialist – The California Estate Planning Credential

There are 1,078 certified specialists in estate planning, trust and probate law in California There are more than 180,000 licensed, active attorneys in California.

About 1/2 of 1% of active California Attorneys are Certified Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law

Ask yourself:when it comes to protecting and representing you and your family (the people you love the most), in a transaction that involves everything you have spent your entire life working hard to build, would you hire a generalist, or would you hire the ½ of 1% of lawyers who specialize in this area?  The answer is obvious:  you would hire the certified specialist.  And so will your prospects.For the Certified Specialist Exam Preparation:

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(Exam Date October 24, 2017)


Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Review and Refresher Course


  • Increased Hourly Rates for Specialists
  • Specialists Practice with Confidence and Credibility
  • Specialists are Likely to Enjoy Increased Lateral Mobility

Prep-Course Materials

  • Moodle eLearning Platform Organizes Your Study Around 20 Units
  • Virtual Classroom includes on-line quizzes and threaded discussions
  • Click on and download MP3/MP4 lecture files as needed
  • Ongoing Live and recorded Teleconferences/Webinars
  • Live Class (Offered Once, Date and Location TBD)


Registration is now open for the Estate Planning Institute 2017 Course Year.

Cost: One-time fee of $2,250 (early bird rate) provides access to all course materials and in-person classes.

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Online Course Access

Our online course offers a self-paced 24/7 accessible review (up to 15 weeks’ worth of review material) with more than 200 sample multiple choice questions.

Upon registering, you will be able to access the online classroom until the Certified Specialist Exam on October 24, 2017.

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